Message from President and Vice-Chancellor 校長的話

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President’s Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to HKBU STEPS – Best Student Experience!

Student – Teacher cum Educator and Parent Support (STEPS) to Best Student Experience (BSE) is a platform that aims to foster better communication and collaboration among all concerned parties to achieve Best Student Experience at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

The beginning of university studies also marks a new chapter of life for students.  We believe parents, teachers and students must work together in synchrony to enable our students to make the best use of the opportunities presented by HKBU. 

For parents, whether this is your first child attending university, many of you will need to make certain adjustments.  The most important adjustment is to “let go”.  You have done a great job raising them and it is now their turn to explore and reach out through the nurturing environment of HKBU.

Faculty members and staff at HKBU are committed to helping our students grow and be successful on their journey.  There are countless opportunities for them to engage in campus and community life.  STEPS is an occasion for HKBU to communicate to parents on such opportunities through seminars, panel discussions, mingling session, campus tours, and many more similar platforms.  On the day, you will receive a wide range of information on topics relating to the mission and vision of the University, its whole person education ethos, undergraduate curriculum, co-curricular activities, and various support measures designed for students.  You will also be able to enjoy a tour of different University facilities such as the Library, Learning Commons, and student residence halls, so do remember to wear comfortable shoes!

I hope our students enjoy their time at HKBU and I look forward to seeing you on January 27, 2019!


Professor Roland T Chin




浸會大學舉辦「家長師生齊邁步 – 踏上優越學習旅程」,目標是促進家長、教職員及學生之間的溝通和協作,推動浸大學生邁向優越學習旅程。學生踏入大學生活,意味著一個新的開始。透過「家長師生齊邁步 – 踏上優越學習旅程」,我們希望更有效推動學生充分利用浸大提供的學習機會。


各位家長不辭勞苦地培育子女成材,子女進入大學,需要獨立探索和發揮潛能,家長的支持尤為重要。浸大一直重視培育全人,在校內外均有很多讓學生參與的活動。「家長師生齊邁步 – 踏上優越學習旅程」讓家長透過不同的專題資訊,認識大學的使命和願景、全人教育的理念和實踐、本科課程設計、不帶學分的學習活動及學生支援服務。活動包括座談會、討論、校園導賞等。大學亦會開放校園不同設施,例如圖書館、學習共享空間、學生宿舍等,予家長參觀。我們亦期望與各位家長交換意見,並攜手合作支援學生面對將來的各種挑戰。